Woodbury second graders host poetry reading

Dozens of Woodbury Elementary School second grade students took part in a “Hot Chocolate Poetry Hour” on Dec. 19 at the school.

The students selected poems and practiced their public speaking skills by reading the poems in front of a group of fellow students, staff members and parents. After the poetry reading, everyone enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate.

Woodbury teacher Becky Jacobson said this was a perfect way to wrap up their poetry genre and foster a love of reading and enjoying poetry. She said it also was a chance for students to build language fluency and gain confidence in front of a group.

The students read the poems in both Spanish and English on the last day of school before the holiday break. Jacobson’s class and two other classes taught by Olivia Romero and Claudia Jaramillo Mendoza took part in the event.

Classes resume in Marshalltown Schools on Jan. 5.


Woodbury Elementary School second graders hosted “Hot Chocolate Poetry Hour” on Dec. 19.