MHS teacher to attend national leadership conference

Frohwein, Jocelyn

Jocelyn Frohwein

Jocelyn Frohwein, English teacher from Marshalltown High School, is joining more than 200 of her peers from across the country in San Francisco at the National Education Association Minority and Women’s Leadership Training Conference January 29-31.

At the conference, she will sharpen her leadership skills and share strategies focused on how to advocate for student-centered policies.

“In my classroom, I work day-to-day with students creating strategies to ensure their success,” Frohwein said. “I collaborate with my teaching team, but I am really looking forward to taking a step back and thinking about how some of the issues impact not just students, but schools and communities. Connecting with educators who face similar challenges from across the country will offer an opportunity to learn how to develop and advocate for thoughtful student-centered strategies to address these issues.”

Leadership training conference sessions will be tackling issues that have an impact on students and educators in Marshalltown High School and the Marshalltown community, like creating a leadership vision for tomorrow and minority relationships in educational settings.

“I talk to my students all the time about how learning is a lifelong endeavor,” Frohwein said. “I am looking forward to this opportunity to continue my education. It is really important to me and to my students that I continue to develop as a leader and a professional. The more effective I am as an advocate in and out of the classroom, the better I can serve my students and the community.”

The NEA Minority and Women’s Leadership Training Conference takes place twice each year. The NEA is funding the trip for Frohwein.