Fisher Elementary holds physical education demonstration for parents


Fisher Elementary School students demonstrated different physical education activities to parents during a special event on September 29 at the school. Pictured are fourth graders at the school.

Parents and grandparents arrived throughout the day at Fisher Elementary School on September 29 to take part in a walkathon.

As part of the day, the visitors were able to walk to different stations to see the types of physical education equipment used by the students and several activities both in the gym and on the playground.

The Fisher parent teacher organization held a fundraiser in conjunction with the event.

“We’ve had a lot of interaction with parents asking questions,” said Mike Eggleston, physical education teacher at Fisher. “Hopefully they see how we are doing things.”

The preschool and two third grade classes will hold their walkathon on October 4 at Fisher.


Fisher Elementary School kindergarten students display physical education activities on September 29.