MHS students interact with class from Texas


Marshalltown High School special education teacher Lindsey Ambrose speaks with a class from San Angelo, Texas as part of Google Hangout video conferencing on March 3. Her students and the students from Texas held a discussion.

Students in the Marshalltown High School special education English class taught by Lindsey Ambrose held a discussion with a class 1,000 miles away without leaving Marshalltown on March 3.

The students connected via Google Hangout video conferencing with a class from San Angelo, Texas as part of a connected classroom program. The students discussed an article both classes read and gave their opinion on what they read.

“My students had a lot of fun interacting with the other class,” Ambrose said. “There were many good conversations happening between the two classes. This is definitely an experience we will have again.”

There has been an increased effort in Marshalltown Schools to connect students to learning opportunities through Google Hangout.

David Stanfield, instructional design specialist with Marshalltown Schools, has provided training for staff on Google Hangout and was excited to see it in action.

“It is exciting to see her students have the opportunity to be globally connected and collaborating with other students across the country,” Stanfield said. “Working with others who are not in the same physical space could be a regular part of our students’ lives in the future.”