Miller student presents at AEA 267 Technology Conference


Miller Middle School student Marek Jablonski presented at the AEA 267 Student Technology Conference in Cedar Falls on April 28.

Marek Jablonski, an eighth grader at Miller Middle School, presented at the AEA 267 Student Technology Conference on April 28 in Cedar Falls.  He presented his Christmas light display, which he programmed via computer coding.

Marek’s 20-minute presentation contained a video of his light display, which he coordinated to music and a demonstration of how he would begin to code a new display.  Marek even brought along 12 strands of Christmas lights so the audience could see the coding turned into a beautiful display.

The AEA 267 Student Technology Conference was created to provide students an opportunity to collaborate with, learn from, and present to others how they are utilizing technology to drive their own learning and to shift their learning environment by making connections beyond the classroom. Marek submitted a proposal to present at the conference, which led to his selection.

Marek’s holiday display was featured in the Times-Republican in December.