Six Miller students earn opportunity to secure college credit as eighth graders


Katia Saldana recently finished her eighth grade year at Miller Middle School. She also was one of six Miller students to earn the opportunity to receive college credit in Spanish courses.

Six Miller Middle School students earned the opportunity to secure college credit as eighth graders as part of an exam they took after years in Marshalltown’s dual language program.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test is arranged for dual language learners, who have been learning English and Spanish since their years at Woodbury Elementary School.

This online exam measures the knowledge and skills students have acquired in Spanish through their educational experiences and academic learning as part of the program.

Each college reserves the right to set its own academic standards in accepting CLEP test results for credit.

Should these students enroll at Marshalltown Community College after graduation from Marshalltown High School, they would have already completed 12 college credits in foreign language coursework.