College pennants going on display in Marshalltown Schools


Marshalltown High School Associate Principal Deb Holsapple and teacher Peter Nieland display college pennants that will be displayed in the hallways at the school. The pennants are from schools attended by teachers and other staff and meant to get students thinking about higher education options.

Visitors will notice college pennants on display in hallways throughout Marshalltown Schools this fall.

The idea came from Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, who saw a similar display at a school in Memphis, Tenn. The schools are displaying banners of the colleges and universities attended by teachers and staff members at each building.

It’s a way for staff to show their school pride, but the primary reason is to inspire students to see their options in higher education.

“The idea was for kids to see on a daily basis where they could go,” Dr. Schutte said.

Marshalltown High School Associate Principal Deb Holsapple took a list of all the colleges and universities attended by Marshalltown Schools staff and contacted the higher education institutions to have them send the pennants. She received hundreds of them as a result of the request.

“We want to let our students know there are lots of options out there,” Holsapple said.

For a video on the project, click here.


Lenihan Intermediate School Principal Kyle Young lets everyone know that he’s a Cyclone by the display of college pennants in the school.


Pennants on display at Hoglan Elementary School.

Lenihan Pennants

Pennants on display at Lenihan Intermediate School.