Back the Cats sign fundraiser to benefit MHS Bobcat Boosters


These Back the Cats signs will be traveling around lawns in Marshalltown as part of a fundraiser for the Marshalltown Bobcat Booster Club.

Starting now and ending in late October, area residents might get a surprise in their front lawns.

The Marshalltown Bobcat Booster Club has several sets of “Back the Cats” Bobcat signs that will be placed on lawns unexpectedly. In order for them to be moved, a donation is requested to the Booster Club. Then, the signs can be moved to the yard of a friend, neighbor, family member or someone who likes to support Bobcat athletics.

Donations are not mandatory and phone numbers and more information will be attached to the signs to get them moved.

This past year, the boosters have provided more than $29,000 for Bobcat programs. For more information on the Booster Club, visit