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Duane Meyer Memorial donation boosts Bobcats Sports’ live stream game

Duane and Erma Meyer loved going to see Bobcat Basketball games, and thanks to a generous family donation, the new Hudl Focus Camera system now allows games to be easily live-streamed from the Roundhouse.

Well-known Marshalltown residents Duane and Erma Meyer loved going to the Roundhouse to watch MHS sports, and a generous family donation has added an exciting new dimension to Bobcats sports broadcasts. 

Randy Meyer

High above the bleachers in the Roundhouse, the new Hudl Focus Camera brings all of the sports action to live stream audiences on the Bobcat News Network YouTube channel. The camera follows the action by panning and zooming to ensure a great viewing experience. 

“Dad would be so proud … I could just see the huge smile on his face right now,” said MHS Class of 1981 alum Randy Meyer, son of Duane and Erma. “He would think it was the coolest thing.” 

Perry Meyer

Perry Meyer, Randy’s brother and MHS Class of 1977 alum, said the new Hudl system was a great way to celebrate his father’s life and legacy. 

“When our dad passed away, for one of the memorials we really believed that he would love for support to be provided to the Roundhouse and to Marshalltown Basketball,” Perry said.

He added he has enjoyed watching the live-streamed MHS Basketball games this season.

“To me, it was an amazing view, the way they have that camera mounted way up high in the Roundhouse looking down on the floor,” Perry said. “Our parents would have loved that, to be able to watch live-streamed basketball.” 

The brothers said their father was an Iowa high school sports superfan, and he had a special passion for MHS Basketball. As active community members, Duane and Erma could be seen in the Roundhouse stands consistently to cheer on the Bobcats.

“They both would be watching every game they could, listening to every game they could,” Randy said. “I’ve been absolutely thrilled with what the [Duane Meyer Memorial] funds have been used for.”

Perry gave a special thanks to the Iowa Hospital Association and the more than 20 hospital CEOs from northwest Iowa who contributed to the Duane Meyer Memorial donation. 

Marshalltown Schools is deeply grateful to the Meyer brothers for helping make the Hudl Focus Camera system a reality for Bobcat sports, as well as for their continued support for the District!