Bobcat Boys Swimmers raise money for House of Compassion

Andi Walker (left) from the House of Compassion accepts a $414.09 donation from the MHS Boys Swim Team. Next to Walker are Bobcat senior swimmers (L to R) Glenn Van Staalduine, John Mahlstede and Nate Menuey.

The MHS Boys Swim Team donated $414.09 to the House of Compassion Dec. 21, all proceeds from their annual Change for Charity drive.

For three years Coach Mike Loupee has challenged his swim team to bring in spare change for a local charity. Each week (beginning after Thanksgiving) there is a different competition with swimmers competing against each other according to lane assignments, grade level, or birthday. Each week the team with the most money wins a batch of Coach Loupeeā€™s famous homemade cookies.

Each year the seniors on the swim team get to choose the charity.