MHS students write children’s book, read it at Anson


Pictured are Marshalltown High School students, from left, Brooke Tullis, Sloan Vry and Emily Sickles reading a children’s book they wrote to first graders at Anson Elementary School on May 20.

Connections were made between high school students and first graders in the Marshalltown Community School District on May 20. Five students from a Marshalltown High School English honors class read a book to all first graders at Anson Elementary School.

These five MHS students, which included Sloan Vry, Brooke Tullis, Alyvia Chadderdon, Madison Dougall and Emily Sickles, collectively wrote the children’s book they read titled “Rachel and Joey.”

The book was part of a project in Jocelyn Frohwein’s class at MHS based on the study of “Romeo and Juliet.”

“We studied that and our assignment was to make a children’s version of that,” Tullis said.

The students came up with the idea to read the book to first graders and it was held in the Anson classroom of teacher Jenny Sickles, who is Emily’s mother.