Miller project donates rice to those in need


Miller Middle School teacher Anita Ringgenberg helps seventh grader Angel Madrigal on a project which donates rice to those in need.

Miller Middle School students in reading classes taught by Anita Ringgenberg went the extra mile on a project recently, and ended up with a windfall of rice for those in need.

A group of students completed a project on the website For each question answered correctly on a wide range of subjects on the site, 10 grains of rice is earned and donated to those in need through the United Nations World Food Program.

Over the span of four days, the students were able to donate 138,170 grains of rice, due to answering 13,817 questions correctly.

“They were really proud of themselves,” Ringgenberg said. “They constantly wanted to know how much they earned. It was a great experience for them.”


Jesse Pereznegron works on problems on the website