University of Iowa President gives tips for success during visit to MHS


University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld speaks to students at Marshalltown High School on November 13.

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld talked about his business background and gave tips to be successful to a group of Marshalltown High School students during a visit to MHS on November 13.

Harreld has served as president of the University of Iowa since 2015. He talked to the students about pursuing their passion, college affordability, presented career advice and talked about the offerings at the University of Iowa.

He told students it’s important that they find the college right for them, not just one that their parents think they should attend.

“It’s your choice, it’s an important choice,” Harreld said.

When looking into potential employers, he said it’s important to work with great people who will help make you better.

“Work for great people, don’t even think about the company,” Harreld said.

Harreld was invited to MHS by Iowa Board of Regents member Larry McKibben of Marshalltown.


University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld answers a question from MHS junior Triton Buffington.