New PRISMS virtual reality platform, MHS Esports program already showing positive impacts

Marshalltown School Board member Zach Wahl, left, Vice President Sara Faltys, second from left, and member Bonnie Lowry, center, talk to students about the new MHS Esports program.

Marshalltown High School students are already enjoying the benefits of two new, exciting opportunities available for the first time this school year. 

District leaders, including members of the Marshalltown School Board, explored the new Esports program and the cutting-edge PRISMS virtual reality (VR) learning platform on Tuesday afternoon.

Students in the Esports program showed their skills on console and PC gaming platforms, and staff provided information on the technology that makes the program possible. Interest in the Esports program and school club has grown quickly since the start of the year.

Participation in Esports competition can help students build skills such as teamwork, organization, and planning.

Students in Justine Greig’s MHS geometry class work on a transformations exercise using new PRISMS virtual reality headsets.

Bobcat students and staff have also shown great enthusiasm for the PRISMS platform, which supports math education through immersive, three-dimensional VR exercises. Freshman Ariana Campos said PRISMS has already helped her better understand math concepts from class.

“I think the VR experience is very helpful. If I’m actually seeing and watching what’s going on, I learn better,” she said. 

MHS math teacher Justine Greig said PRISMS has helped her students see practical applications for what they learn in the classroom. She said some students greatly benefit from the interactive VR exercises.

“Movement definitely helps them remember how equations work,” Greig said.

The PRISMS platform and Esports program are great examples of how new technologies can enhance students’ educational experiences!