Curriculum Overview


Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD) is renowned for its exceptional academics, offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to inspire and empower students. Families can delve into the district’s diverse range of educational programs, exploring various subjects and specialized courses tailored to meet individual learning needs. MCSD also provides a host of special services, ensuring that every student receives the support necessary to thrive academically and personally. Discover the rich academic opportunities that MCSD offers, and embark on a journey of learning and growth for your child.

Ready to Be a Bobcat?

Enrollment into the Marshalltown Community School District for the upcoming academic year begins every year in July. This is the perfect time for families to secure their child’s place within the district and take advantage of the exceptional educational opportunities available. Whether you are a new family seeking a vibrant educational community or a current MCSD family looking to enroll another student, don’t miss this enrollment period to ensure a seamless transition into the district. Visit the district’s enrollment page for all the necessary information and resources to complete the enrollment process smoothly and secure your child’s place within MCSD.

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Director of Instruction
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C&I Admin Assistant
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