Social Media Rules of Engagement

teacher explaining to students something in the ipad

The Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD) has taken an active approach towards promoting inclusion and equity through its social media engagement. By actively sharing stories and accomplishments from diverse students and staff members, the district has worked to create a sense of community and belonging on social media platforms.

Through this approach, the district is committed to ensure that all members of the community are valued and included, and that their voices are heard and celebrated. We encourage the community to engage with our content on all of our social media pages. We allow the community to engage with our content in a respectful manner and encourage healthy dialogue.

What is Not Allowed on Our Platforms

While posting to Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD) platforms, please keep in mind the district’s core values of inclusion, equity, and respect. The MCSD reserves the right to remove user-generated content that is deemed the following:

  • Abusive, defamatory, or obscene.

  • Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading.

  • In violation of any intellectual property right.

  • In violation of any law or regulation.

  • Advertising for a business in the comments.

  • Offensive, graphically or in tone.

Individuals who post materials that fall into the above categories repeatedly will be banned or blocked from participating. The district will not remove comments or posts that are permissible and are based on viewpoints.

Please note that MCSD reserves the right to discontinue comments and engagement at any time without notice.